Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lockout continues

NFL Owners ratified their own agreement, and then were saying they were confused as to why the players didn't instantly ratify it themselves.


While frustrating to fans (and media that have covered lockout ball, rather than off-season moves and looking ahead to actual games), the players are WELL WITHIN THEIR RIGHTS to carefully review a document that will take, in my estimation, 1200 of the 1900 players in the league through to the end of their careers. That number could actually be higher than 1200, I'm just guessing.

Fans need to remember that this situation happened when the owners locked the players out. The players didn't walk out on their jobs. They were locked out from their jobs.

From the folks I have spoken to, it does not seem likely that this current deal will be ratified by players before the weekend is over (although in this very fluid situation, that could change quickly). Truth be told, very few people outside the talks really KNOW what is going on. The players are holding the CBA right now, looking for the best deal possible, and I do think they will go with it, with some minor changes, but nothing that is a potential deal breaker.

The owners move to place the pressure on the NFLPA was applauded by one guy, Chad Ochocinco, on his twitter account, saying it was "well played," but the truth is, the players are in no rush to return to work. They didn't have the deadline of opening camps on time, getting games played. They'll get to an agreement when they feel comfortable they are being treated fairly. The delay only makes the fans angrier, but it comes to this: would you, John Q. Public, just sign a contract with your company because THEY said it was a good deal, or would you look it over first?

Mike Solarte

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