Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silas, Daytona, and more

I waited until the first Duel 150 race in Daytona before offering up a thought about the quality of racing. I've come to this.

I miss the old racing.

I'm not hating on what I saw, but it just doesn't feel the same. It's different, not worse. I preferred the packs of cars, the white knuckle feeling of watching some of the best drivers in the world go door-to-door at 200 miles per hour. Seeing the drivers going around in pairs doesn't bring in the "wow" factor. Maybe with the full field on Sunday, it will be different. So far, though, meh.

The Charlotte Bobcats made Paul Silas their 4th Head Coach in franchise history on Wednesday, giving him an extension through next season. Solid reward for a guy that is getting results, but is also in love with coaching. It's a different love than Larry Brown's love of it. Brown loved the teaching aspect. Silas digs the competition. Silas is smiling (most of the time) on the bench during games, while still instructing. A big difference from Brown, who was often times grumpy, rarely ever happy. Seeing the players respond to the switch has been the most fun (from my seat). I like to see smiles, and there have been a ton of them since December 22nd. One other benefit of the extension, is the coaching staff as a whole will be around through next season, also.

Provided there is a next season. What's that? You didn't know? The NBA's current collective bargaining agrement expires after the current season. Just like the NFL.

It's NBA All Star weekend, Daytona 500 weekend, college hoops and more. I'll check back next week.

Mike Solarte

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