Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup, NBA Finals, and a birthday....

The FIFA World Cup has been pretty good thus far. Team USA managed a 1-1 tie with England in their opener, but let's not kid ourselves, it was a gift. The English goalkeeper's mistake allowed the Americans to steal a point, England was the better team. Slovenia is up next for the US, that one comes on Friday.

Now, before I go on, I just want to add my name to the list of folks (it's the long list), that can not stand the noise-makers that dominate the in-game audio. The "vuvuzela" is the most annoying of all stadium sounds. Ever. A boat horn ,is more pleasing to the ear, than the droning buzz that thing makes. I won't go any further than that, as far better writers have already slammed the horn before me.

Don't look now, but the LA Lakers are facing an elimination game, thanks to the Boston Celtics game 5 win on Sunday. I will admit, I was wrong about Boston, as I thought the Orlando Magic would show them the door in the Eastern Finals. Now they have Kobe and company on the ropes, heading back to Los Angeles. Hats off to Doc Rivers, his staff, and a roster of players both young and old, that have refused to give up. Game 6 is Tuesday, and I will say this about the series. Boston does NOT want a game 7.


I remember reading quotes like this. "They'll be off the air in 6 months."

"There isn't enough news here to fill a 24 hour channel."

"Who needs weather every ten minutes?"

On this day, June 14, 2010, News 14 Carolina in Charlotte turns 8 years old. The lights are still on, the news keeps rolling, the weather keeps coming every 10 minutes. There are only a handful; of us left from the original launch team, the rest are folks that have joined the journey along the way. Every single person in our operation has a role to play, and they are among the best in the television business. I am honored to call them colleagues, and lucky to call them friends. Happy birthday, gang!

Now, who got my name in the grab bag?

Mike Solarte

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