Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a busy time around here....

NBA Playoffs, Quail Hollow Championship, NASCAR Hall of Fame opening, Ultra Swim, Race Weeks....wow! Couple random thoughts to empty my brain.
  • The NASCAR Hall of Fame is now officially open for business. I am looking forward to my first visit there (I've been inside, but not as a spectator, just on a work assignment). I can easily see myself being lost in there for hours. The new Hall is impressive on the outside, and equally impressive from the inside (from what I have seen on video). Said it before, they got the 1st induction class right, and of the 25 names selected to be in the eligible inductees all of them will get in as time goes by. The induction ceremony takes place May 23rd, the day after the All Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
  • Speaking of racing, don't be too quick to grab the shovel to bury Jimmie Johnson just yet. Yes, the #48 team is in a funk, but they have shown the ability to overcome adversity in the past. I would expect them to be in the thick of things when it gets down to crunch time. Meanwhile, big props to Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin. They are getting it done, and Hamlin is doing it while rehabbing after knee surgery. Dover this week, before the free-for-all running at the All Star.
  • Still no word from Larry Brown what his future plans are. Brown is feeling the tug of home, and the tug of doing what he loves. As I said before, I think he will leave the Bobcats, because he loves his family. It's a tough choice to make, but in the end, I think family will win out. Selfishly, I hope he will stay. The Bobcats are at their highest point, and have loads of room to grow. Brown has been a cultivator with this team, and it would be a shame for him to miss the harvest.
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs grind their way towards a close of round 2, and the San Jose Sharks are the only ones waiting and resting. The Sharks await the winner of the Chicago-Vancouver series (CHI leads 3-2), with in the Eastern Conference, Pittsburgh and Montreal will meet for a game 7 on Wednesday, while Boston and Philadelphia play game 6 on Wednesday. It has been exciting to watch, and it really makes you realize just how hard it is to win a championship of any kind.
  • Many of the biggest names in swimming will be in Charlotte for the 26th Ultra Swim at the Mecklenburg Aquatics Center. I know what you're thinking, what big names? Start with that Michael Phelps guy. Then there is Cullen Jones and Aaron Piersol. They go on and on, and add in a purse of $50,000 dollars, and you get a world class event. If you can check it out, do so.

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