Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's a fan to do?

In the wake of the Panthers latest loss, it begs the question what is the Charlotte sports fan to do? The Panthers season looks to be a lost cause and changes aren't likely to come until January. Meaning Panthers fans have nothing to look forward to until the NFL Draft in April.

I guess Charlotteans could turn to the NBA and the Bobcats; but, and I hate to dash any one's hopes before the season officially tips off, does anyone really think this team is going to make the playoffs? And even if they do, is the 8th seed with a losing record really something to crow about?

My guess is most fans in the area will now focus on college football and then basketball, but last I checked, Charlotte didn't have an ACC or SEC team.

You see it's my contention the fans in this area aren't die-hard hometown fans. Many of us, including myself, came from somewhere else and still hold strong loyalties to our previous hometown team.

So I'm sure many of you will still go to the Panthers games, but you'll leave at halftime or after the 3rd quarter. Heck, that happened last year WHEN the team was winning. Plus, I'm sure folks will venture out to Time Warner Cable Arena (cheap plug) to check out the Bobcats; but are a majority of you living and dying with each win or loss? Each personnel move? Each coaches' decision? I don't believe so.

If I'm off the mark, tell me. But my sense is fans around here don't always root, root, root for the home team.

--Jason Brown

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