Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crosby vs Ovechkin a Sight to See

It's rare that something lives up to the hype, but so far the marquee match-up between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins has done just that through two games of their second round playoff series. The show put on last night (Monday) between Capitals star Alex Ovechkin and the Penguins Sidney Crosby was one for the ages.

Each netted a hat trick (3 goals for the hockey impaired) in Washington's 4-3 win. That's right, they accounted for six of the seven goals scored. If one would score, the other answered right back.

It's the type of scenerio I'm sure the NHL wished would have happened when Wayne Gretzky faced off with Mario Lemieux. The difference here is both Crosby and Ovechkin are entering the prime of their careers.

Perhaps adding to the drama heading into this series was the verbal jousting the two stars engaged in during the regular season. Crosby openly criticised Ovechin's goal celebrations, something the "Great 8" hasn't toned down. I thought this series would get nasty between the two teams and even the two stars. Thankfully, for NHL and all the fans, it's been nothing but a spectacular display of skill and shot making. I know the Capitals lead the series 2-0, but something tells me when it resumes in Pittsburgh, the Penguins will make a series out of it. Otherwise "Sid the Kid" will have been upstaged.

Jason Brown

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