Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quail Hollow quick hit

Running out the door to head to the Tuesday activities at the Quail Hollow Championship. Couple things:

PGA Tour player Webb Simpson will be stopping by the studio for a visit. Had the chance to chat with him on Monday, but looking forward to a few minutes with him. This is a guy IO covered when he was 9 years old. Now, to quote Vince Vaughn in Swingers, he's "all growns up." Great kid. You can see what I'm talking about at news14.com. Check out the Monday Quail Hollow wrap up.

Got an e-mail from a viewer asking if I was blind or insane (or something to that effect), when I said during Monday's Sports Night, the catch fence at Talladega did it's job on Sunday. So how am I blind or insane? Carl Edwards car ended up back on the race track. The fence is designed to do that. The 7 fans that suffered injuries, didn't get hit with the car. They got hit by pieces of debris from the car and fence. If the fence had failed, we wouldn't have had 7 injuries. We likely would have had double digit deaths. The fence did it's job. Next subject.

Don't know if I will get NFL Draft post-mortem thoughts out this week, as I will be basically living at the golf course. Mini-camp is this weekend for the Panthers. Hopefully, we'll get to hear some of their thoughts, in between birdies and bunker shots.

Mike Solarte

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