Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

So much going on in the world, and especially our country these days. Sports seems a bit insignificant. Between watching the government work (or attempt to work depending on your point of view), and seeing the stock market take a beating on Monday, I was also fighting off one of those great summer colds. Enough whining, let's get on with it.

The Carolina Panthers looked good, but not great against Atlanta on Sunday. Part of that was Atlanta being good, but not great, and the other was Carolina having to deal wit4h some injuries. We'll find out more on Jordan Gross and Jeff Otah on Wednesday--smart money says Gross misses Sunday's game with Kansas City after suffering a scary concussion against the Falcons. Freak play, and I'm glad it wasn't worse.

Carolina still committed some mental errors, but not nearly as many as they had in the previous 3 games. A 3-1 start is pretty stout, with a chance to get to 4-01 against KC. That game is no gimme, now that the Chiefs found a win against Denver. Confidence breeds success. Kinda wish the stock market had some of that these days. Sorry for the crossover, there.

Charlotte Bobcats opened training camp ion Wilmington this morning. I like the prospect of this team actually being decent. i won't call them playoff contenders, but the pieces are there in the form of personnel. Now they have a bonafide Head Coach in Larry Brown. Some say Brown is worth 4 more wins this season. I would think the number is higher. It shall be interesting to watch this team grow over the course of the season.

Baseball fans, I apologize to all of you for the behavior of my beloved Chicago White Sox. They are the ones that lost 5 of their last 6 games, which led to a mandatory make-up game Monday against Detroit, which has now led them to a winner-take-all meeting with Minnesota tonight. I know everyone wants to talk playoffs, but until the A.L. Central gets squared away, y'all have to wait. Had the Sox done things the right way, they would be in Tampa getting ready for the Rays already.

Will break into the college football chatter later in the week--how 'bout them Heels and Blue Devils? Nice wins for both last weekend. Tough sledding for ECU, NC State and Wake. We'll talk more on them before the weekend.

As for me, I'm taking the evening away from the desk, trying to recuperate from this bout of the sneezes and sniffles. Tim Baier and Ryan Welch will take you through Sports Night at 10, so check them out. We'll hear from Adam Morrison, Bobcats forward on the mend from major knee surgery a year ago, plus hear from the Panthers, ACC football chatter, NASCAR and more.

Mike Solarte

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