Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Panthers should be mad

I know I would be, if I were a player on that team.

I know that after being so close in so many games in the first half of the season, I would be mad at myself for not playing better against Tennessee last week, and absorbing the worst loss this team has endured this year.

I know that it would motivate me to try and get well against a Detroit team that is sitting at 6-3, but coming off of a brutal loss to the Chicago Bears last Sunday. A loss that saw Chicago score a PAIR of touchdowns on defense )interceptions returned for scores), as well as a Devin Hester punt return for TD. The Hester thing has become all to common around the NFL, but 2 pick-sixes?

This Panthers team has talent, and they have heart. I would never question those attributes with this group of players. They work hard, and many guys are lean on experience. They are led by a first year Head Coach that has the chops for the job.

As someone that watches this team week in and week out, I want to see fire. I want to see guys reacting passionately when things go wrong. I want them to be mad when they get beat on a play, and then respond accordingly. Respond by buckling down, and playing harder. It's about determination. Will. Maybe guts, too.

This group, if they remain together, will accomplish great things in the future. There will be tweaks, and additions, but overall, there is enough talent in that room to be a playoff team in multiple years. They have to find the way there. The road to the top is never an easy one.

Consider these the bumps that it takes to get there.

Mike Solarte

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